Hi there!

A very, very late “O-medeto gozaimasu” for New Year’s ( I hope I remember that greeting correct).

Hope you are well! It is a verylong time since I have been in contact I know, and I apologize. I tried to improve on my email habits when I returned from Japan a year ago October (wow, has it been that long already?), but it didn’t last long. I think I am destined to be an infrequent emailer (but will keep trying).

How are you? How is life? Gee, I remember hanging out and with everybody on this email list what feels like yesterday…how time flies. If I haven’t heard from you in a while, please send me your news (and pictures if possible too). I have been wondering what you are up to.

For me, it has been surprisingly busy over the past year. In January 2007 I started back at my old job in accounting. My old company was bought by a big, public company from England (shout out to Bren), and we had many business changes to deal with. I worked much extra time from January to August, and was pretty tired at the end.

In September, I started 2 courses (1 in Religion and the other in Ancient Philosophy) because I was thinking of going back to do a Master’s degree in one of those areas. The courses were very fun and interesting (I can have great debates with my local priest now), but I realize I am a little too old for those kind of studies.

Christmas was fun: it was very slow (not many parties) but a good time with the fam (family). I am now trying to work hard so I can pay off the last of my university debt (money I owe from a long time ago), and so I can go travel again soon. My plans are either to do a Master’s in September in Canada or the U.S., or to go somewhere totally different and volunteer (like South America or Africa).

There are a few pictures beneath:

(1)   – (3) are pics of a fishing trip with two hockey buddies of mine from high school (we paid about 2 MAHN EN, but the only things we caught were very bad hangovers (very bad hustsukayoi)…we are very bad fisherman, but too good drinkers) – p.s. the last one is my buddy falling off the boat into the water (it was a good laugh)

The rest are pics from a family trip to Cuba in the middle of January 2008. Interesting story (actually more funny than interesting): on the second to last day I crashed a scooter and put a hole in my forearm down to the bone…yeah, too much showing off. And yes, I was sober (which some my friends have asked when I told them the story)

Anyways, as is my style, gone on a bit too long (hope you are still here). Hope to hear from you!

Take it easy and ‘dewa mata,’


(former Foster – “Fasutaa” – teacher)

p.s. damn cold here – some days -30 C. If you ever come to visit I recommend you come in the summer!