How are you?
I hope things are well: I often think of you guys, the students and the Foster and Sydney crews. It must be close to “Hanami” season in Hiroshima, eh?

From here things are good and getting a little more calm now, which is good. I have been working 50 or so hours a week for the past 2 months…but getting paid by the hour – so loving every minute of it. But haven’t been so busy that I haven’t had time to hang out with my best-buddy Avril Lavigne…we are like this…I am happy to say I got rid of that girlfriend she was singing about – kind of crazy, you know.

I attached a picture of summertime here. Actually that’s a joke, it is mid-February. Just to show how cars get buried sometimes. If shovelling out snow from around your car was an Olympic sport, we’d be Gold medalists for sure. The other pic is of me and my family: my sisters and nieces at a party.

Anxious to hear your news!

Miss you guys (especially Thursday lunches!),
Cheers Billy